Neon Width

Different neon width available for your every design need. The standard available neon width is 12mm, which is available in all colors. There are two thicker neon width at 14mm and 25mm for larger designs. A slim neon at 8mm is available, but in single color only. Please note that the slim neon may be required to recreate smaller sized shapes.

Available Options: *Standard 12mm, *Slim 8mm (single color only), *Thick 14mm, 25mm, *Indicates availability at additional cost


Waterproof HiNeon signs available to accommodate all your event needs. Permanent outdoor installation would require additional notice as regulations may differ depending on your whereabouts.

*Outdoor Events
*Outdoor permanent installation
*Indicates availability at additional cost

Neon Sign Light On Color

Color Options

Our neon tubes can produce all sorts of colors, providing an industry-best color matching service.

Cool white, warm white, red, green, blue, baby blue, yellow, pink,orange, RGB (14mm+)
*Please note that RGB (tunable) neon tubes will require a thicker width at 14mm+.

Acrylic Options

(5mm/ 0.2” thickness, 1.4 lbs/sq. Ft., 7 kg/sq. Meter)

The acrylic backdrop provides a variety of color to choose from. Aside from standard colors, we also support UV printing on the backdrop, enabling more creativity to your design. .


*Red Green Blue Yellow Orange (extra cost)

Backdrop option

Customize your backdrop acrylic to fit better with the rest of the design or surroundings. We have a wide variety of choices.


With Backing

No Backing

For more detail about installation please see: Installation

If you are still unsure which option goes best with your design, please feel free to let our creative specialist know right here:

Programmable Neon Sign

We can make your neon sign animated as well!

Power Consumption

Our product operates at a very low voltage of 12V, which makes the product very easy and safe to handle. It also uses low power, reducing energy waste and electric bill costs.

*Single Color 7W/m (2.1w/ft) *RGB 10W/m (3w/ft), *12V UL listed power supply

Congratulations! Now you know how to design your own Neon Sign~